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50 things I LOVE about Daphne

She really does have a twinkle in her eye • She is smart • She is funny • She is very thoughtful • She is caring • and sharing • and loyal • She loves to help • She is a great writer and I love to read • She is a fabulous mother • She plays the piano beautifully • and loves to laugh • She is creative • a fabulous friend • She can admit when she is wrong • and is easy to apologize if she thinks she hurt you in any way • She will tell you the truth even if it isn’t what you want to hear • She is patient – way more that I ever hope to be • She loves to solve problems • and often helps those who are in need • She loves to spread her gifts • She is a huge support • even to those who are less than deserving • She looks for the good in people – when others can find none • She loves the colour blue and it looks awesome on her • She loves to celebrate others success • She will help no matter what • She loves her family very much • and ensures they all have a voice and use it • She works by giving guideposts and lets others make their own decisions • She likes me for who I am not who she wants me to be • She does that with everyone • She sees potential and possibilities in people • and ideas • She is the best cheerleader • and cheerer-upper • she has a beautiful smile • and uses it often • She makes me laugh • She is a great writer • and tells stories that matter • and make a difference • She works hard • and teaches her children the value of hard work • She is easy to be around • She has a great name Daphne Fairbairn……. • straight out of the movies • She is a great movie buddy • I can talk to her about anything and she doesn’t judge • She’s Daphne – the one and only and I am very grateful for her everyday!

* 50 things was written by my friend Nancy Allen (owner/principal designer of Snaz designs) who’s known me for over 20 years. It was her 50th birthday card for me.

4 thoughts on “About Author

  1. Hello Daphne:

    I enjoyed chatting with you at Chapters a few days ago. Liked that you were given to engaging in conversation. Not people are.

    I’ve started reading Jacob’s Landing as you suggested before giving to my friend Sheilagh Simpson in Vancouver on Friday. I learned that Sheilagh’s mother was Christie Harris. She lived on the west coast and wrote books ‘for youth’, Sheilagh said.

    I thought after that more people might stop at a stand like yours if the author stood up and looked and smiled at a person who might be enticed to stop if helped to do that with a friendly smile and look, Maybe even ask those that might seem receptive to a question if they like to read – not too tough a question.

    Another good book on writing is The Elements of Style by Strunk and White.

    Okay, take care…Eric Jorden

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