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50 things I LOVE about Daphne

She really does have a twinkle in her eye • She is smart • She is funny • She is very thoughtful • She is caring • and sharing • and loyal • She loves to help • She is a great writer and I love to read • She is a fabulous mother • She plays the piano beautifully • and loves to laugh • She is creative • a fabulous friend • She can admit when she is wrong • and is easy to apologize if she thinks she hurt you in any way • She will tell you the truth even if it isn’t what you want to hear • She is patient – way more that I ever hope to be • She loves to solve problems • and often helps those who are in need • She loves to spread her gifts • She is a huge support • even to those who are less than deserving • She looks for the good in people – when others can find none • She loves the colour blue and it looks awesome on her • She loves to celebrate others success • She will help no matter what • She loves her family very much • and ensures they all have a voice and use it • She works by giving guideposts and lets others make their own decisions • She likes me for who I am not who she wants me to be • She does that with everyone • She sees potential and possibilities in people • and ideas • She is the best cheerleader • and cheerer-upper • she has a beautiful smile • and uses it often • She makes me laugh • She is a great writer • and tells stories that matter • and make a difference • She works hard • and teaches her children the value of hard work • She is easy to be around • She has a great name Daphne Fairbairn……. • straight out of the movies • She is a great movie buddy • I can talk to her about anything and she doesn’t judge • She’s Daphne – the one and only and I am very grateful for her everyday!

* 50 things was written by my friend Nancy Allen (owner/principal designer of Snaz designs) who’s known me for over 20 years. It was her 50th birthday card for me.

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