What readers are saying about Maxed Out.

Dear Mrs. Greer,

I enjoyed this book very much. All the characters and places in the book were very real. The emotions and actions were felt in my feelings. It is a very good book. I would love to pass this book on to some of my family members. This book has won my heart. It is a believable and heartfelt story about the obstacles and challenges that people like Max may  face. There is truly nothing I can say that is negative. This book is a book that I would love to read and pass on to my children. The characters in the story play impressive roles. Duncan is funny and Max is loving. This book has taught me a lesson of respect. There are many times in my day that there is that one person who sticks out. Now I have learned (thanks to your book) to respect and help those ones, and I thank you, very much.

Rebecca A. Frenette. (grade seven, West Hants Middle School, Brooklyn, NS.)

Dear Mrs. Greer,

I really enjoyed this book because of the kinda love hate relationship between the two boys. Max made me believe that his brother Duncan drives him insane, but they still love each other and how the dad died and the mum was trying her best, just reminded me of how my life was after my dad passed away. I would totally read this book if it was in our library and I would read many others by you if I could too. Thank you for letting us read your fantastic book!

Becky Lowe (grade seven student, West Hants Middle School, Brooklyn, NS.)

Dear Daphne,

I really enjoyed your book! I’m not a big fan of books but your book made me actually want to read it again. I found it really easy to follow and really easy to picture in my head. I loved the characters in the story. I thought they fit the book really well.

Luc Richard (grade seven student, West Hants Middle School, Brooklyn, NS.)


Dear Daphne,

Thank you for coming to my class and for the believe sticker. Your book Maxed Out is a big hit in my class. We just finished “Maxed Out” on Thursday, May 31, 2012. I loved the ending, it was happy and sad at the same time. I think that was my favourite part of the book.

Isabelle Olla Girard (grade five student RKT Elementary, Dartmouth, NS)


Dear Daphne,

We are really enjoying your book, Maxed Out. We are finished. The ending almost made me cry. What a happy ending. Sincerely,

Alan (grade five student, RKT Elementary, Dartmouth, NS)

Dear Daphne,

Thank you so much for the wonderful visit. In my future I will use some of the tips you gave us for writing. I love your book “Maxed Out” and my favourite part is the farting part. I loved the ending of the book.

Best of luck,

Emma young- Melanson (grade five student, RKT Elementary, Dartmouth, NS)

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