Finding Grace

Ann Connor Brimer Finalist 2019

“A compelling work of historical fiction (and) a poignant family drama.” Atlantic Books today


Abandoned on the steps of a Belgian convent as a baby, thirteen-year-old Grace has grown up among the nuns. But her days as a caretaker and companion for her older sister, Dotty, have come to a sad end with Dotty’s death, and now Grace is living among the girls who attend the convent’s boarding school—the very same girls who taunted and bullied her sister for having Down syndrome.

Grace desperately wants to know who left her at the convent; she wants a family and to not feel alone in the world. When Grace finds a three-decades-old diary from the 1940s in the convent library, her interest in the history of the convent is also piqued. Terrible things happened in the little village of Tildonk, Belgium, when the Nazis arrived, and terrible things happened to the mysterious girl who wrote the diary. Unravelling the mystery of the diary ultimately means unravelling the secrets of Grace’s life, which are more complicated than she ever imagined.


Camped Out
Hackmatack Winner 2018-2019

“Camped Out has just the right blend of fun and conflict to keep the reader engaged. Max rings true as a good-natured, easily embarrassed young teenager who loves his brother but wants to have his own life.” Charis Cotter

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Jacob’s Landing

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“Like a perfect summer day – warm, but with just a kiss of breeze – Daphne Greer’s book celebrates the best things about foster care, family, friendships and bridging the generations to make our own truths. This is a book you’ll want to hug.” Tanita Davis

Silver Birch Finalist 2016 Ontario Library Association
Hackmatack Award Finalist 2016-2017

Maxed Out


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“Daphne Greer delivers a well-written, engaging novel for preteens who will be drawn in by the apparent sports focused cover and the sports related theme but who will ultimately be exposed to a book that digs a little deeper and that turns out to tell a much more important story.” Laura Dick

American Library Association Best Quick Read nominee

4 thoughts on “BOOKS BY DAPHNE

  1. Hello Daphne,
    I was in Dublin in September and met a delightful Irish woman, Judith Barten, at St. Bartholemew’s Church. When I told her I was from Nova Scotia, she immediately told me about a friend living in NS who had just written a book Finding Grace. I promised to look for the book when I reurned to Nova Scotia.
    I have not purchased it yet because I had the wrong title and the Book store in Yarmouth did not have what I was asking for. I have since got the correct title.
    It was so nice to meet your friend.
    Roberta Journeay

    • Hello Roberta!!! Judith did tell me about meeting you!! What a small world. Do you live in Yarmouth? I hope you enjoy Finding Grace. That was so sweet of her to tell you about it – and so sweet of you to let me know you’re on the hunt for it. Daphne

  2. Hello Daphne,
    I just noticed your reply. So kind of you to answer. Yes, I have read your bookand now I am looking forward to reading Jacob’sLanding. Keep up the good work.

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